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Our Little Filly is Finally Born
On Sunday evening the 7th of June LuckyLynn gave birth to a gorgeous filly. 

Our little Filly is by Lamentos and LuckyLynn and she is Lucky Luke's full sister.

We wish our little princess a sound happy life and lots of success like her mother and father's.

Turkish Senior Riders Have Started their Nation Cup Competitions

This Years First Nations Cup WasHeld in Austria and our Team Made a Good Start 

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Our national team this week was in Austria, Linz and competed their this years first Furussiyya Nations Cup. 

Our team riders were: Derin Demirsoy, Çağrı Başel, Hüsnü Diç and Ömer Karaevli.

In total of the two rounds out national team has successfully finished the competition and received 60 penalty points ranking fourth. 

The winner was Czech Republic with 100 points, Ukraine was placed second with 90 points, Finland third with 70 points. (These are the countries that have registered in the beginning of the year to collect points from this competition) 


1. Czech Republic 2 faults: Caleri ll (Zuzanna Zelinkova) 4/1, Charly Brown (Emma Augier de Moussac) 0/0, Cento Lano (Ondrej Zvara) 0/5, Acovardo (Ales Opatrny) 0/1. 
2. Ukraine 8 faults: Quebracho Semilly (Katharina Offel) 4/0, Forlap (Cassio Rivetti) 5/0, Chadino (Ferenc Sxzentirmai) 0/4, Cooper 75 (Rene Tebbel) 4/0.
3. Germany 13 faults:  Che Guevara (Joerg Oppermann) 4/8, Luna (Jorne Sprehe) 4/0, La Luna (Andreas Kreuzer) 0/4, Cashmoaker (Denis Nielsen) 0/5.
4. Poland 16 faults: Wavantos vd Renvillehoeve (Lukasz Wasilewski) 4/9, Osadkowski van Halen (Piotr Morsztyn) 0/4, Emperio van't Roosakker (Zuzanna Gowin) 0/8, Abigej (Marek Lewicki) 16/0.
5. Luxembourg 21 faults: Global (Christian Weier) 4/1, Sorbier Blanc (Victor Bettendorf) 4/4, Smint 2 (Noemle Goergen) 4/13, Kiwi du Gibet (Charlotte Bettendorf) 8/4.
6. Finland 23 faults: Lennox Luis (Henri Kovacs) Elim/1, Cue Channa (Sebastian Numminen) 4/4, Celestine (Satu Liukkonen) 8/1, Vincente (Maiji Mallet) 5/4.
7. Turkey 27 faults: Colino (Derin Demirsoy) 5/Elim, Chaccomo (Cagri Basel) 1/5, Chiara (Husnu Dinc) 8/4, Dadjak ter Puttenen) Omer Karaevli) 8/4.
8. Hungary 32 faults: Esprit (Emil Orban) 0/12, Zordon (Balazs Horvath) 0/8, Chacco Boy (Mariann Hugyecz) 4/8, Casinger (Gyula Szuhai) Ret/23.


We are congratulating all the riders and heir horses and BRAVO Chaccomo !